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Information about categories of membership

SGfB unites four categories of membership

As organisational members are admitted organizations, training institutions and associations offering counselling training courses which meet the quality standards and the admission regulations of the SGfB. They are represented by delegates in the General Assembly and have dual voting rights.

Individual members are qualified counsellors who have obtained their qualification at a collective member institution. Their SGfB membership entitles active members to use the protected title of “SGfB counsellor”.  The SGfB specialist title is a quality certificate in addition to the counselling training qualification. It is proof of a solid recognized training, a continuous further training and an ethically based professional practice.

Individual members contribute to SGfB’s aims in public and in doing so, support the association in its tasks. They are entitled to take part in the annual General Assembly with full voting rights.

Members in training are trained to be counsellors at a SGfB certified training institution. They are entitled to attend the General Assembly without voting rights.

Passive members are former organisational or individual members as well as legal and natural persons wishing to support SGfB’s concerns. They are entitled to attend the General Assembly without voting rights.


The membership fee is to be paid annually. The annual fee for organisational members is CHF 1'250.00 and is to be paid by the end of February of the following year. Individual members pay CHF 210.00 per year. Members in training and passive members pay CHF 100.00 per year.

The application fee for the admission procedure with quality audit is CHF 800.00 for organisational members, CHF 300.00 for individual members and CHF 800.00 for individual members by dossier (or CHF 1000.00 for diplomas issued abroad because of additional administrative expenses).

Admission rules for categories of SGfB membership