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Admission as an individual member

Individual membership with the protected title „SGfB counsellor“ can be obtained by persons from the field of psychosocial counselling in as far they fulfill the requirements that have been laid down in the admission rules for categories of SGfB membership.

As an individual SGfB member you join a larger group of professional counsellors and enjoy several benefits:

  • You are entitled to use the specialist title „SGfB counsellor“ and thereby strengthen your professional identity.
  • You are a member of an association that promotes the quality of the counselling professions, professional ethics and the professional interests of professional counsellors.
  • You can provide proof of your counselling competencies in public life with the SGfB quality label.
  • You will be mentioned in the public register of SGfB counsellors.
  • You ensure and develop your counselling qualities by the obligation to take part in further training and to respect the Code of Ethics for SGfB counsellors.
  • In case of ethical conflicts you can call upon the advice of the Ethics Committee.
  • You receive up-to-date information about the advanced federal PET diploma examination for counsellors in the field of psychosocial counselling and further counselling issues.
  • You have a possibility to take out a personal liability insurance at a reduced rate.
  • You will be invited to the annual General Assembly and you will have voting rights.
  • You can get involved in committee and board activities and actively promote the aims of the SGfB.

You submit the application form together with the required documents to the SGfB secretariat. There will be no preliminary clarifications for membership. An examination will only take place after registration with the corresponding documents.

The application fee is to be paid in advance. It amounts to CHF 300,-- for individual members and CHF 800,-- for individual members by dossier (with an foreign Diploma CHF 1'000.--). The annual fee for individual membership, which includes the specialist title is CHF 210.—and is due on receipt of the certificate of membership of the association. (see also fees regulations)

Core competencies for SGfB counsellors

Code of ethics for SGfB counsellors

Admission rules for Categories of SGfB membership

Application form for individual SGfB membership (PDF)

Application form for SGfB membership by dossier (PDF)

Certificate of further training for the triennial renewal of individual membership (PDF)

For organizations see organisational membership