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Information about counselling

Difficulties at the workplace; problems in the family – does counselling help?

We are faced with many challenges in everyday life, be it disaffection at work, disputes with your partner or family or feelings of helplessness in case of health problems.

In such situations seeking the assistance of a professional specialist might prove to be useful. The purpose of such a help is to alleviate the momentary stress, to clarify the complex situation and to find new ways and possible actions towards constructive solutions. Nowadays counseling, supervision and coaching are a matter of course, both in the world of work and in the private field.

But what is it that you have to pay attention to if you are looking for the right specialist?

Selection criteria will include: gender and age of the counselor, the form of counselling (individual, couple or family counselling, personal counselling, supervision, coaching, study counselling, career counselling, health or addiction counselling), the counselling and experience background of the counselor, the quality of the specialist (recommendations from people you know, from institutions or umbrella organizations), the personal effort that has to be made with respect to time, distance and costs.

Your own decision with respect to further counselling should only be made on the basis of personal experience and a first meeting. An important decision help is your personal impression. Counselling puts your current concerns in the centre of attention. It is oriented towards jointly defined objectives. Whether the counselling takes a shorter or longer period of time depends on the nature of your concerns. Professional secrecy, protection, support and empowerment are the key elements of the joint counselling process between a client and the counsellor.

The Swiss Association for Counselling/Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Beratung SGfB is the umbrella organization for professional counsellors. A SGfB counsellor is committed to the ethical principles and the core competencies of the umbrella organization.

The title SGfB counsellor is proof of a high level of specialist and methodological competencies and a continuous quality development in counselling by means of further training and supervision. If you are looking for advice, you can find a list of SGfB member counsellors here as well as an information sheet that can help you in choosing the appropriate expertise and the right person. The website also gives interested persons many further insights into the work and the aims of the SGfB.